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08 Dec

Collage: Fueling the Creative Fires

I haven’t had any time in over a month to devote to creating new work so yesterday I made a point of setting aside the entire day for this. I focused on making simple collage on wooden cradle frames. The idea is to have artwork I can sell at a lower price point than my […]

08 Nov

The Tree of [Un]common Knowledge at the CreativeMix Exhibition

For the past few weeks I’ve been working on a paper craft tree (pictured below) made with reclaimed cardboard and book pages. This work is one part of an interdisciplinary collaboration between myself, Kirsti Wakelin and Darren Carcary of Resolve Design. The project began back at the end of summer when I first had the […]

06 Oct

Altered Book: Kangaroo is the Life of the Party

Often when I’m working on these altered books I catch myself thinking about how many odd things I end up doing and the hilarity of trying to explain these out loud. Take for example this altered book. I had to figure out how to attach a kangaroo to a spring and then attach them both […]

04 Oct

Altered Book: Gifts of the Goose

Part of the enjoyment I am getting out of creating work based around these wood animals is learning more about their flesh and blood counterparts. I’ve always been interested in animals but how much do I really know about most of them? Honestly, not much. But with each animal I pull out of the bag […]

24 Sep

Altered Book: Constellation Of The Great Bear

When I pulled the bear out to work with I started thinking about polar bears but then inspiration led me (and I can’t remember how) to the constellation of Ursa Major. I felt this was a much more interesting idea to work with and sorted through my other materials looking for further items to incorporate […]

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