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02 Aug

Upcycled Collage: Book Cover & Birds

I removed this cover from a sample altered book I’d put together for one of the workshops I taught earlier this year. I don’t normally remove covers from the books I use but I did in this case and decided to hold on to it and use it in something else. I was really hoping […]

28 Jul

Upcycled Collage: Put a Bird on It

If you’ve seen the show Portlandia you’ll understand the reference in the title of this blog post. They did a sketch called “Put a bird on it”, where they make fun of the trend of bird motif covered everything. It’s really funny and you can watch it here. I’m thinking it will be the working […]

14 Jul

Revising the Tree of [Un]Common Knowledge

The Tree of [Un]Common Knowledge has been languishing away in storage since I last displayed it in November. I’ve always wanted to make it a few accessories from paper, like leaves, flowers, and birds. Last week I finally got around to creating the birds. I picked up an illustrated bird encyclopedia from Value Village a […]

24 Feb

Butterflies, Paper & Leaves Collage

This is the last of the old heat transfer experiments recycled into art that I started working on last week. I ended up completely covering up the original image printed on this cradle frame because it didn’t work well in the collage. I don’t feel I do this random style of composition well, so I […]

22 Feb

Recycling Art Experiments into Collage

If you’re an artist like me who loves to experiment with different ideas and processes, you may have a whole bunch of unsuccessful pieces of not-so-great art taking up space in your studio. Last week I pulled out three of these, all on wooden cradle frames I wanted to reuse. Two of the pieces had […]

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