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10 Mar

Fruits of a creative weekend

These are collages one and two in my moleskin sketchbook, from my arty weekend on Bowen. I collaged, photographed with a pinhole camera, light painted with my digital camera, modeled, wrote long entries in my journal and ideas notebook, and did one small digital rough for the bird series (which may never see the light […]

18 Feb

Moleskin sketchbook

I have had a loose goal of creating one collage every week in my moleskin sketchbook, and I have been trying to stick to it for months. I am only now managing to make it a regular thing. I think it helps if I don’t try to rush through it in one sitting. The above […]

08 Feb

A funny story from yesterday….

I decided to walk home from work because the weather was so lovely and it felt like spring. I cut along Kitsilano beach to see the water, and to photograph all the crows and seagulls gathered everywhere. There was an older man sitting on a bench close to the water and he had a huge […]

23 Jan

Sometimes I make collages

These are scans of my moleskin sketchbook. For more collage journal goodness, check out the work of Teesha Moore.

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