Category: collage

17 Dec

Testing to Create

I love this piece. It actually started out as a test to see how a particular Japanese paper (I don’t know the name of) looked layered over the gel medium transfer I’d done of one of my tree photos on wood. I did a test of each colour of paper – green, blue, and an […]

12 Nov

Weekly Moleskin Collage – Airships

A weekly collage from a few weeks ago. A Few Good Things: – Watching the little yellow goofball play around on my mug as he tries unsuccessfully to drink from it – Enjoying a very relaxing and lovely Remembrance Day – Working on my “Scenes from a Movie” shot for most of the day, and […]

03 Oct

Speaking Truth with Picturesque but Disciplined Extravagance

The above image is this week’s collage in my moleskine sketchbook. The gold metallic, vaguely round pieces of paper are the wrappers from chocolate coins eaten by Matt. They were given to him by Travis and the left over paper made its way to me after the chocolate was gone. It’s like the circle of […]

02 Oct


This is the first collage in my new, improved, and larger sketchbook. Starting a fresh sketchbook can be both an exciting and overwhelming undertaking, and I stumbled around a bit before I was able to get going. I feel I am off to a good start with this. Inspiration this week: The art of cut-up […]

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