Category: collage

08 May

Paper Cut Collage Designs

Now that Got Craft is over I am sharing more of the paper cut collages I made in preparation. Each one is created from a piece of black card stock using freehand paper cutting with an xacto knife. I’ve been using brightly coloured and patterned origami paper to collage them, with an additional piece of […]

23 Apr

Collaging Into Spring

With all the bird and flowering tree watching I tend do, it’s no surprise both have made their way into these two recent collages. These evolved even more spontaneously than usual. I chose pieces of sewing pattern paper and glued them down as the backgrounds for each before deciding what else I would do. It […]

17 Apr

Bringing Together Paper Cuts and Collage

I realized yesterday that I need to come up with a title for the series of organic looking paper cut forms I’ve been working on. My mind is drawing a blank at the moment so I’m open to suggestions. When I shared some of these the other week they seemed more like a sketch than […]

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