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26 Aug

Postcards. Get your red hot postcards.

One of the many bits of terrific information I learned in my “Artist Survival Skills” course with Chris Tyrell was about creating a vertical inventory of my work. This means creating a variety of work with different price points that allow me to cater to more than one audience. The idea behind this is to […]

05 Aug

Lawstravaganza: Selling my art on the lawn

Hey remember waaaay back at the beginning of July when I wrote about getting a career boost and my vow to work on the business of art? Well I’ve been keeping this vow and despite the summer distractions and unbearable heat of the last week I’ve actually managed to cross a few things off my […]

04 Jul

Getting an Arts Career Boost with Chris Tyrell

It’s funny how the things you want most out of life, the dreams you dreamed as a child, are often the very things that escape you as an adult. Maybe it’s because life is busier and more complicated as you grow up, and some childhood dreams don’t seem to align with the need to make […]

28 May

More Mixed Media Collage on Etsy

Here’s a few more of my recent mixed media collage pieces that I’ve listed for sale on Etsy. On Wings we Fly, 10″ x 10″ Mixed Media Collage: gel medium transfer, inkjet print, rubber stamp, acrylic paint, and watercolour This work is listed for sale on Etsy with further detail photos. Octopus, 10″ x 10″ […]

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