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24 Aug

Recommended Reading: Books About Altered Books, etc.

Back in June Stephanie wrote a wonderful blog post about books that guided her through design school. I was really inspired by this and decided I wanted to write something along the same lines about the books that have inspired me in my own work as an artist. I’ve included photos of the covers and […]

20 Aug

Amrita Designs

Allow me to introduce you to my cute new handbag made by Amrita Designs. I bought it at the Powell Street festival a few weekends ago after falling in love with the bird fabric and interesting structure of the bag. I wanted to share it not to show off a new purchase but rather to […]

18 Jul

Good News: Container Art & The Eastside Culture Crawl

The last few weeks I’ve been stressing over the mail because two important items I’d sent off in June were taking a REALLY long time to show up at their intended destination. I hate things like this because there is absolutely nothing I can do about lost mail. One of these items was a cheque […]

04 Jul

The “What The Hell Am I Doing” Crisis

I attended the opening of Eco Madness at Gallery Gachet on Friday evening and I must say, the experience really put me into a tailspin about where I’m going and what I should be doing with my work in future. I put a lot of effort into writing up a proposal to submit for the […]

11 May

Mailing List Postcard Giveaway

Yes, you heard that right. I am giving away free postcard sets to the mailing list subscribers for my monthly newsletter. If you’re not already signed up please go here to add your name and email address. I will be drawing three names and announcing them on Friday. The postcard sets include five different collage […]

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