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04 Feb

Upcoming Altered Book Workshop

I haven’t yet announced this on my blog as I have elsewhere, but in two weeks I’ll be teaching a workshop at ChalkXChange about making altered books. This is only a three and half hour workshop, and it’s on a weekend too. I’ll be sharing some of the techniques I use to create my book […]

03 Feb

The Return of the Airships

I picked up two beautiful pieces of round wood from a recent artist networking event and had been itching to use them for new collage work. I’ve never made something round but it seemed like a fun shape to work with. I also haven’t ever made a collage so large. I decided to reinterpret an […]

24 Jan

2010 in Review and Moving Forward

Even though one year flows into another with no real difference between them, at this time of year it always feels as if we’re about to start something new with the hope of life being better (or maybe just different) in the coming year. It’s a time of reflection on the previous twelve months, mostly […]

08 Dec

Collage: Fueling the Creative Fires

I haven’t had any time in over a month to devote to creating new work so yesterday I made a point of setting aside the entire day for this. I focused on making simple collage on wooden cradle frames. The idea is to have artwork I can sell at a lower price point than my […]

01 Dec

My Experience as a First Time Artist on the Eastside Culture Crawl

Let me just start by saying, there is absolutely no way I could have taken part in the Eastside Culture Crawl this past weekend without the support of my partner Boris. Not only was he okay with the transformation our home into an art gallery for three days, he also played the gracious host and […]

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