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23 Aug

Altered Books: Experiments with Page Folding

Experiments with new directions in book altering continues, this time with all the pages still attached to the covers. These explorations are part of the planning stages of a commissioned piece for a client, and I wanted to try something different. Normally I follow the same pattern of folding the pages through out a book […]

18 Aug

Altered Books: Experimenting with Book Bursts

I recently picked up a copy of The Repurposed Library by Lisa Occhipinti at Oscar’s Art Books, and last week I began exploring some of the projects from its pages. I was drawn to the elegant simplicity of these book bursts, which are made from cutting a book into sections and then folding the pages. […]

16 Aug

Upcycled Collage: Hummingbirds

I’m still a week behind on sharing new work, but my excuse this time is vacation. Boris and I were on Pender Island with friends for five nights and it was a glorious getaway for all those involved. I debating doing a big of blogging while I was there, but I preferred having a laptop-free […]

08 Aug

Upcycled Collage: Crane & Book Cover

This is the second upcycled collage I completed last week. It was very satisfying to sit down for the day and come away with two completed collages. You should’ve seen the HUGE mess in the studio when I was finished. Normally with the books I use in my altered book work the cover of the […]

04 Aug

Upcycled Collage: The Wading Birds

The bird collages made from upcycled materials continue this week with three new pieces almost completed. This is the first of the three, and also my favorite of them all. The canvas for this collage is the cover of a wooden box, the rest of which I used earlier this year in another mixed media […]

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