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14 Mar

Cut Paper Typography

I’ve long admired the work of Elsa Mora, a Cuban artist living in LA who works in various mediums including paper cutting. I was looking at her website earlier this week as a way to jog my thinking on how to write about my own paper cut work, and came across her new site, Art […]

26 Nov

Paper Cut Work: New Work Available for Purchase

It was only after the Eastside Culture Crawl ended that I realized I hadn’t as yet properly documented some of my recent work. So while I was busy documenting the display I’d put together, I also spent some time photographing individual pieces. It’s so handy to be a photographer with lights, on top of everything […]

16 Oct

Commissioned Work: Paper Anniversary

I’ve been holding back recently on sharing a few commissioned projects, because I’ve had to wait on clients making them public first. This particular paper cut piece was commissioned by a dear friend as a secret anniversary gift to his wife. Since the gift is now in her hands, I can share it with you. […]

10 Jul

Growing A Yarn Tree

Over the weekend I completed my fourth yarn tree mural, this time on a wall in the home of friends Lee and Sachi. It’s a beautiful location (as you’ll see in the photos at the end of this post) right by a large window. The addition of the tree really feels as if nature has […]

07 Mar

Paper Inspiration: Mikito Ozeki Cutting Paper

I just had to share this video of Mikito Ozeki working on a paper cut design in his studio. It’s fascinating to watch at how quickly he works and by the end most of the paper has been cut away. I want to know where he got his very sharp knife. I need one of […]

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