July 8th, 2013 | Comments Off on A Whirlwind Trip to Seattle

A few weeks ago I decided to do a quick trip to Seattle in order to catch Morgan Brig’s new show at Patricia Rovzar Gallery before it closed at the end of June. I’ve admired her work for a few years, ever since coming across the gallery and her work while wandering the streets after Gnomedex in 2009.

These are three of many new pieces of Brig’s latest work. I really like the series of boats on wheels she’s created. Check out more of Morgan Brig’s work on her web site.

Work by Morgan Brig

Work by Morgan Brigg

Work by Morgan Brigg

It was only a twenty-four hour visit to Seattle and my main stop beside Patricia Rovzar Gallery was the Seattle Art Museum to see the Vogel show.

Fifty Works for Fifty States is an exhibition of works donated to the museum from the collection of Dorothy and Herbert Vogel. Their collection of art is so large that they’ve donated fifty works to one art institute or museum in each of the fifty states. The display at SAM was mixed in with existing work from the collection of a similar nature. The show did not grab me as much as other things in the museum did.


Beautiful tree and cups

A display of ceramics

SAM’s displays of their permanent collection are always engaging, no matter how many times I’ve seen them. They even manage to make ceramics compelling, which is an area of items I normally find rather boring. I wandered through previously unseen corners of the museum and came across the two murals pictured below. They were a fun surprise and both play with perspective in interesting ways.

Eye mural

Crazy face mural

I also found interesting art on the streets, which is something I haven’t found much of on past visits to Seattle. I love the mural of the man in a wolf mask. The leaves coming in from the top corner of the photo are real but blend nicely into the pasteup.

Wolf mask

Famous Faces of Seattle mural

It was a lot of inspiration packed into a short visit, and it was just the thing I needed to get inspired. Thanks Seattle.

April 3rd, 2013 | Comments Off on Make: Cut Paper Typography

After my initial explorations into cut paper typography with the word Art a few weeks ago I decided to choose a few more words to work with. Make goes very well with Art, and after today Create will be added to the series.



To give you a sense of scale this is an 8.5″ x 11″ piece of red card stock, and the letters are between 2.25″ to 3″ high. I create the word in photoshop first, print it out and use this as a template to draw an outline of the letters. All the cutting of shapes is done freehand.



I enjoy trying to form the letters from smaller shapes. It’s actually pretty challenging because I am working so small. I think it’s an excellent exercise to refine my paper cutting technique even further.



Other than the word “Create” can you suggest other short words that would make a good addition to this series? I’m open to requests.

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March 14th, 2013 | Comments Off on Cut Paper Typography

I’ve long admired the work of Elsa Mora, a Cuban artist living in LA who works in various mediums including paper cutting. I was looking at her website earlier this week as a way to jog my thinking on how to write about my own paper cut work, and came across her new site, Art Is A Way.

Paper cut typography

It’s a lovely little side project of creating artwork using the word Art, and she’s invited people to join her. I don’t normally have much interest in exploring typography in my own work, but the project inspired me to experiment with typography created in my style of cut paper.

Paper cut typography-4

Paper cut typography-3

I chose a font in photoshop, Tamil NM in bold, made it large enough to nicely fill an 8.5″ x 11″ page and printed it out. I used this as a template to trace the outline of the letters first and then freehand cut all shapes. It was really fun to do, and has me pondering more potential work using type.

Paper cut typography-2

Paper cut typography

If you’re interested in creating your own work of the word Art, check out the about page of Art Is A Way for details.

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