06 Mar

A glimpse

I was feeling self-portraity tonight. A little red pashmina here, a few dried leaves there, and voila! My creative urge has been satisfied. Taken in the bathroom under ambient light with a black black cloth pinned up in the background.

03 Mar


Try to not let the crooked borders drive you nuts. I decided to post these shots after photographing the newborn baby of my friend Pidge yesterday. I hardly get the chance to photograph kids these days, but I always enjoy it when I do. It’s a fun challenge because little kids don’t stay still very […]

02 Mar


The above shot is featured (sans photo credit) on the 30 Days of Sustainability website. The lighting set up was very simple – one light bounced off an umbrella, with a white reflector providing fill in the shadow areas. Taken with a Canon digital Rebel XT.

01 Mar

Dark skies

Taken with my Contax camera, using cross processed Fujichrome slide film.

© Rachael Ashe