05 Apr

Metal Prints

As mentioned previously, I currently have two of my metal prints in the Divine Feminie show at Radha Yoga & Eatery (pictured here.) I thought I’d explain a bit about how I made them. The prints are made from metal flashing, a material used in roof repairs and can be found at most hardware stores. […]

04 Apr

Portrait Throw Down

Definition of a “Portrait Throw Down”: If you want to take pictures of your fellow photographers, then be prepared to step in front of the camera yourself. And this is exactly what Vandigicam did on our last meet up this past Sunday. These four shots are from the first session of the “throw down” that […]

02 Apr


Hands can convey as much human emotion as the face. They express the very basic need for human interaction and connections through touch.

30 Mar

The Divine Feminine

A great way to build up an artistic resume and get a sense of what’s involved in showing your work, is to enter group shows. I’ve done this quite a bit in the past, and have only recently gotten back into the habit of keeping an eye out for artist calls or juried shows to […]

28 Mar

Morning Lion

I know. I know. It’s well past time for me to write something on this photo blog. I’ve always intended it to be more than just a place to showcase my photos outside of Flickr. Writing something good and informative will take more time than I seem be able to spend on an entry here […]

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