16 Apr

A two dollar shot

This is another example of a surprisingly sharp Holga photo. To explain the title of this photograph, in order to be allowed to take this picture I had to pay the gentleman playing the guitar. I suppose I could have gotten away with stealth shooting him, but I never feel good about doing that sort […]

15 Apr

Eric looks out to sea

Taken at Lighthouse Park in Vancouver with my Holga 120 CFN. Sometimes the Holga is surprisingly sharp.

13 Apr

From the shadows

In preparation of taking a break from Flickr for two weeks I had to select a series of images to pull from Flickr to post on my photoblog. (The break was at the suggestion of a friend, and it is a long overdue thing I’ve wanted to do. ) It was interesting having to choose […]

10 Apr

Self Portraits

I have a short article about my self-portraiture work in the April issue of Vein Magazine. Their current theme is “Portraits: both sides of the lens.” Please go check it out.

08 Apr


I’ve been wanting to break out of my usual style of close-up portraiture and take photos of people that are three quarter length or full body shots. I don’t do this often enough because I tend to find it more interesting to work with a subject up close and personal. It’s more challenging for me […]

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