17 May

Holding his head in his hands

I always crave a creative challenge because it often gets the ideas flowing in new ways. This was taken during an impromptu studio session with friends where we suddenly decided to try out a non-photographic set of lights. I love using props in my people photographs to create a point of interest. The idea of […]

15 May

The human element

I rarely do this type of shot where I use a person as a compositional element rather than as the focal point of the photo. I think taking more shots like this is just the thing I need to inject new life into my portraiture. Too often I compose my portraits the exact same way […]

13 May

Red vine

An unfortunate, but inevitable, side effect of digital photography is the reduction of film production by companies like Kodak, Fuji and Ilford. There just isn’t as much demand as there once was and so, many films have been discontinued and taken off the market. One such film that I wish was still made is the […]

11 May


Taken in Vancouver’s Chinatown with cross-processed Fujichrome Provia film. This detail is of an old garage that is one of my favorite buildings in this area of the city. I love the way the yellow paint has cracked and is flaking from the walls as the building itself slowly crumbles away. Lately I’ve been shooting […]

09 May

Lovely Lillian

Practising portraiture skills can be easy when working with a subject who is very comfortable with themselves. Lillian was one such person I was lucky enough to get in front of my lens. I found a location to photograph her and then spent only about twenty minutes one lunchtime taking one roll of pictures. As […]

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