06 May

Girls who wear glasses

The above portrait is of Mandy Moore, a knitting blogger I met at the Northern Voice blogging conference earlier this year. Her blog is called Yarnageddon. I really like this picture of her. I think she looks very cute!

03 May

Laundry at sunset

Taken with my Holga 120 CFN, using cross-processed expired Fujichrome MS 100/1000. I wish Fuji still manufactured this film because I really liked the results from it.

01 May

Birdless wings

It’s a bit morbid to stop and take pictures of the partial remains of a dead bird, but these were just too lovely to resist. I think it was my fascination with wings more than anything that drew me to take this shot, but I also found it interesting that the bone structure was still […]

30 Apr

Image fatigue

This morning I found mention in the Utata forum of an article published in the Autralian News on “image fatigue.” The writer, Sebastien Smee, discusses photography’s loss of status as an art form due to oversaturation of imagery and digital manipulation. The following is only an excerpt from the article, and a link to the […]

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