20 Jun

Fortuitous film finds

I’m so glad that I found three expired rolls of 120 Ektachrome 100SW film to take with me on my trip. I’ve had such good results shooting it with my holga and cross processing the film. This shot was taken in Longwood Gardens in Pennsylvania. As one friend has described, I “descended into some fantastic […]

18 Jun

Utatabites – Vandigicam

An article I wrote about my experiences with Vandigicam has just been published on the Utata website. It can be found here. The above photo was taken on a Vandigicam photo walk along the Arbutus corridor in Vancouver.

14 Jun

A little more liquid light

This is one of my favorite of the liquid light prints because the photographic image is perfectly suited to the random shape of the stone. I also like how the brush strokes from applying the liquid light are very visible .

11 Jun

On the way to play

Jake and Sophie are the two most wonderful children I know. I always look forward to photographing the two of them when I’m in Toronto.

© Rachael Ashe