18 Dec

The Cut Paper Screen Print Series Gets a Name

I am terrible at coming up with titles for my paper cutting pieces, and it usually doesn’t seem to happen until right before a show. But I’ve been trying to re-organize my image files, and it’s triggered the need to come up with descriptive words to name the files to make it easier to find […]

15 Dec

The Satisfaction of Finishing a Series of Work

I cut the sixth and final design from screen printed paper last week, and am pretty pleased to see the group of them together. I had them temporarily piled this way as I prepared to put them into storage as I sort out framing. It looked too good not to take a few photos. They […]

11 Dec

A Beautiful Frosty Foggy Morning

A few photos from one of my morning walks last week. It was foggy and cold with frost on the ground. Such a beautiful way to start the day!

08 Dec

Screen Printing and Paper Cutting Part 3

I completed cutting the sixth and final piece in this series earlier this morning, and here I am sharing number three of the six. I realized recently this is the first time in awhile I have explored an idea as thoroughly as this and made a coherent series. I too often jump around from idea […]

04 Dec

Visiting Frida and Diego in Mexico City

I’ve been slow to share photos and write more about my trip to Mexico last month, mostly because enough time has now passed that it almost feels like it didn’t happen. It was such a brief trip that I mostly tried not to have expectations or make specific plans in advance about what to see. […]

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