05 Dec

Etsy Shop Update: Paper Embroidery and More!

I did another update to my Etsy shop and added more recent pieces, including three paper embroideries, and cut paper designs. All of the pieces come framed and ready to hang. French knot embroidery on paper listed on Etsy » French knot embroidery on paper, listed on Etsy » 3D Paper Cut work, listed on Etsy » […]

02 Dec

Christmas Making in Paper

This week the Christmas-related making came into play when I decided to make a second advent calendar for our home. The one I made last year wasn’t large enough to accommodate two small gifts in each drawer, so I quickly threw together a simple one using small paper bags and envelopes. I gave each one […]

28 Nov

Etsy Shop Update: Succulents and 3D Paper Art

A update to my Etsy shop has been a long time coming, and now you can find six new pieces of recent work available for purchase. The update includes three framed paper succulents, and three framed pieces from the microcosm series that combine drawing and paper cutting. All of the work is framed and ready […]

25 Nov

Work In Progress: Cutting At Six Times Regular Speed

Every once in awhile I take the time to shoot a hyperlapse of something I am working on. I’ve done this with paper cutting before, as well as drawing and stitching. The latest video I shared last week seemed to connect with a lot more people than usual and it went viral on Instagram, garnering […]

23 Nov

Post-Crawl Post Mortem

It’s a few days after the conclusion of Culture Crawl weekend and I am still sooooooooooo tired, and my brain doesn’t seem to be working very well. But I had a terrific weekend hanging out with the team at Propellor Design as a guest artist in their studio. We had a busy weekend with over […]

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