16 Jan

Learning How to Darn Socks

Darning a sock is one of those things I’ve been meaning to learn for a really long time. I even bought myself a darning egg from Dressew a few months ago, with the intention of finally doing it. But it wasn’t until last week that I finally gave myself the time to figure it out. […]

13 Jan

From Sketchbook To Finished Work

I didn’t include the sketch that led to this finished piece in my blog post from the other day, but that is where this started on a smaller scale. I liked the sketch and felt it was time to work with the idea on a full sized piece of paper. The repeating shape is an […]

11 Jan

Revisiting My Paper Cutting Sketchbook

I want to take my paper cutting work in a new direction incorporating different shapes because the usual ones are starting to feel stale. I’ve been working with them for five years now, and it is time to expand my repertoire of shapes. I brought out the sketchbook I use for brainstorming paper cutting ideas […]

09 Jan

Etsy Shop Update: Paper Cut Heart and More!

The last piece of work I created in 2016 and the first I created in 2017 are finished, framed, and listed in my Etsy shop. One is a French Knots in paper piece using blue thread, and the other is a brand new and larger than previous paper cut heart. One of a kind framed […]

04 Jan

Scenes From Wintery Bowen Island

Boris and I spent a few days away on Bowen Island at his parents place over the holidays, and it was the winteriest Christmas I’ve experienced in eight years. It’s been way colder than is normal¬†this season and the snow has been sticking when it falls, which is not at all typical for Vancouver. I’m […]

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