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28 Dec

2017: Year End Review in Twelve Photos

It’s a year end review of some of the things I made over the course of this year, mostly stitching projects and paper cutting pieces. I felt like I did not do much stitching this year, but I worked on at least three different projects including a skirt not pictured here. This year has been […]

18 Dec

The Cut Paper Screen Print Series Gets a Name

I am terrible at coming up with titles for my paper cutting pieces, and it usually doesn’t seem to happen until right before a show. But I’ve been trying to re-organize my image files, and it’s triggered the need to come up with descriptive words to name the files to make it easier to find […]

15 Dec

The Satisfaction of Finishing a Series of Work

I cut the sixth and final design from screen printed paper last week, and am pretty pleased to see the group of them together. I had them temporarily piled this way as I prepared to put them into storage as I sort out framing. It looked too good not to take a few photos. They […]

11 Dec

A Beautiful Frosty Foggy Morning

A few photos from one of my morning walks last week. It was foggy and cold with frost on the ground. Such a beautiful way to start the day!

08 Dec

Screen Printing and Paper Cutting Part 3

I completed cutting the sixth and final piece in this series earlier this morning, and here I am sharing number three of the six. I realized recently this is the first time in awhile I have explored an idea as thoroughly as this and made a coherent series. I too often jump around from idea […]

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