28 May

Vessels: Explorations in 3D Paper Cut Structures

In early 2013 I became interested in creating three-dimensional structures of my abstract designs created through paper cutting. These are small prototypes of some of my initial explorations and completed sculptures.

27 May

Altered Book Art

A collection of early work with altered books. In late 2007 I began to work in mixed media collage and spent the next two years developing a feel for techniques. My primary medium has always been film photography but as I worked more with a digital format I craved the satisfaction of creating work “hands-on”. […]

25 May

Intricate Intimacy: Paper Cut Work

Intricate Intimacy is a show of paper exploring intricate line work created through paper cutting. These are process driven and use the repetition of simple shapes to create overall geometric forms such as circles, squares, and triangles. The work is handmade and is cut freehand with only the outline of each geometric shape pre-drawn.

25 May

Flowerburst Modular Installation

Flowerburst is my nickname for a shape I often create in my paper cutting work. It is somewhere between a flower and the burst of light from a firework. I wanted to work in multiple paper cut pieces, and I began this project without a clear idea of what I would do with the pieces, […]

25 May

So Nice – Paper Dioramas

I was commissioned by ReThink Communications in Vancouver to create two paper craft dioramas illustrating outdoor scenes of people gardening and a woman doing yoga. The client is Earths Own and the product is their line of organic So Nice soy milks as well as a line of Almond Fresh almond milks.

© Rachael Ashe