Gallery: 52 Weeks

A Year of Self Por…
By Rachael Ashe

A selection photos from the 52 Weeks series are now available as a Blurb book. Just click on the above badge to preview or purchase.

I began taking self-portraits in 2004, inspired by the work of fellow photographers I came in contact with through, a photo sharing community I use to share my photos online. I was intrigued by the idea of women using their cameras to explore how they see themselves, and decided to try this myself. Taking my own photo allowed me to express the emotional highs and lows of my personal life and channel my energies creatively.

In 2008 I decided to formalize my irregular self-portrait taking into a series inspired by the 52 Weeks group on Flickr. The idea was to take a self-portrait each week for one year, with no constraints other than to be in the photo. I began my series on April 23, 2008 and completed it one year later on April 26, 2009.

The slideshow below is a quick preview of the photos in the series. A larger view of each photo can be found on Flickr in my 52 Weeks set.

52 Weeks of Self Portraits