12 Sep

Testing Materials During The Tools for Women Residency at MakerLabs

I hit the ground running in early August, just a few days after I returned from our two month sabbatical I started a two month artist residency at MakerLabs. The Tools for Women residency is a new offering they started this year to encourage and foster more women to use the space. There are cohorts of four people from diverse backgrounds starting each month, with the first four weeks spent on classes, and the rest of the time is for exploring, experimenting, and developing skills.

My main focus has been on learning to use the laser cutter, and testing various materials. The first few photos are details of the scribbles I laser cut from Canson paper, just to see the results. It would be so nice to iterate an idea and not have to do it by hand every time.

Laser cutting experiments

Laser cutting experiments

My second session of materials testing was to cut a few of the same scribbles from coloured acrylic. The colour choices were limited because I was using whatever MakerLabs happened to have on hand in the store. I’m happy with these two pieces, and feel they work well in the colours and materials. I really want to make larger ones.

Laser cutting experiments

Laser cutting experiments

I like the layered shadow and colours the cast by the transparent fluorescent green scribble. It’s such a great affect.

Laser cutting experiments

I have a couple more weeks remaining of the residency, a few more sessions with the laser cutter scheduled, and more material tests to tackle.

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