03 Jan

Sashiko Stitching On A Thrifted Shirt

I began this new year by getting started with another clothing embellishment project using sashiko stitching. I thrifted a button-up indigo denim shirt in the spring of last year with the idea I would decorate it somehow. I only recently came up with an idea for a design I felt suited the style of shirt, and once again it is inspired by layers of lines similar to the Seigaiha pattern, but without regular repeats. I’m freeform stitching the design and want the shapes to be organic and unique from one another.

Sashiko on a thrifted shirt

Sashiko on a thrifted shirt

I started on the front of the shirt and want to make the two sides balanced but not matching (because that would require more perfection than I am capable of…), and then add more of the design to the back. It’s been awhile since I’ve done much stitching, so starting off felt very clumsy and slow. I managed to finish most of the first side, and may tweak it a bit after I work on the second side.

Sashiko on a thrifted shirt

I love these projects to customize thrifted clothing, and wish I could come up with ideas more often along with the time to work on them.

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