08 Nov

Screen Printing and Paper Cutting Part 2

The series of designs cut from screen printed paper has continued with further iterations of the intertwining curved lines. This is the second in what will be a series of six, and then I run out of this paper. I’m already thinking about how to have more colourful screen printed paper made for me.



I’ve been starting each design with a swirl of lines that is unintentionally an infinity symbol. I really love the one I created in piece number two, pictured above in detail. All of the other lines organically flow from this point. I’ve tried to ensure that I include as much of this colourful paper as I can in the finished piece because it is a limited resource, so each new design is larger than the previous one.


I’ve been playing around with black or white backgrounds for these. I like the high contrast of the pieces against a black background, but also the subtlety of the pieces against white. I’ll decide once I get to the stage of framing the series.

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