24 Sep

Work In Progress With Envelope Paper

I’ve been focused on writing proposals rather than producing work over the last few weeks, but an opportunity that came up last minute with a short deadline led me to some very productive studio time this week. I needed to create a piece using recycled materials, which is something I used to do more with my altered book work. Luckily I still have plenty of reclaimed paper tucked away in the studio and I realized my collection of security envelopes was the perfect thing to use.

Work in progress with envelope paper

I’ve never used patterned paper in my cut designs before because I tend to think it’ll be too busy when combined with an intricately patterned composition. Based on the work in progress pictured here, I was wrong. It works really well.

Work in progress with envelope paper

This is one of the two pieces I created for the call for artists that was due last Friday. It explores an idea I’ve had in my head for about nine months combining patterns, and taking inspiration from quilting blocks. It was good to find a new way to use security envelopes in my work because I’ve always found the material extremely compelling, and I have a box full of it still to make use of.

© Rachael Ashe