11 Sep

Work in Progress: My Third Tyvek Scroll Completed

I ended the summer by finishing work on the third tyvek scroll. In the photos shared at the beginning of August I’d completed the larger design elements and the next stage was to do freeform cutting over the entire length of the piece. I chose to work on the floor for this part because I wanted to lay the tyvek flat so I could get a better sense of how the design flowed from end to end.

In the photo below you can see the container beside my work in progress full of off-cut pieces which I’ve collected during the making of this piece. I don’t usually do this but early on I decided to try and keep most of the tyvek bits, with the intention of using them in a related piece of work that still needs fleshing out.

Hand cut tyvek scroll

Hand cut tyvek scroll

I found this part of the work challenging because making a random pattern is hard for humans. Working on the floor was also not great for my back and knees so I made sure to take lots of stand up and stretch breaks.

Hand cut tyvek scroll

The finished piece is lovely and feels the most like a piece of textile art out of the three pieces. I was surprised by this when I finished it.

It feels amazing to bring this small series of three large pieces of work to completion after two and a half years. I’m already working on where and when to exhibit them all together next year.

© Rachael Ashe