09 Aug

Work In Progress: My Third Tyvek Scroll

In paper cutting news, I started working on my third 7 foot long tyvek scroll in mid-July and it is going very well. I needed a big project to focus on for awhile and this one came to mind. I’ve been saving one last roll of tyvek to create the third in a series of these pieces and I realized the time to do it was now (or rather the now of a few weeks ago).

I chose to create a composition using the flowerburst motif I use often in my work. I almost got caught up in the need to do something new, but with these scrolls it is important to me to use the shapes and designs that have become personal symbols within my work.

Tyvek scroll in progress

Tyvek scroll in progress

I’ve been struggling with a lack of focus and motivation over the past few months, as well as a desire to set my art aside completely. Making art is the easy part of being an artist, but finding an audience, viable opportunities, and making a living feel impossible sometimes. I’ve wanted to give up, but I’m trying to make my way through this period of struggle and frustration. It’s not easy though.

Tyvek scroll in progress

Tyvek scroll in progress

This meditative and meaningful work has been guiding my way back to why I make work, so clearly it has been the right thing to work on.

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