15 Jun

Circles and Triangles Work Their Way Into a New Series

I haven’t been sharing much paper work on the blog in the past couple of weeks but I have been producing quite a bit of new pieces behind the scenes. I started a new series of designs inspired by the first drawing I did in my 30 Days of Drawing Project Sketchbook. I’ve been creating compositions made up of circles divided into triangles radiating from a central point. They resemble things like bicycle wheels, umbrellas, pinwheels, seed pods, etc.



The one I am sharing here is the third in the series, and it’s also the largest to fit into an 18″ x 24″ frame. The photo above was taken as I lay the work in progress over top a finished piece to check the frame size, and I love how the two different patterns interact and flow.

I’ve been drawing and planning these compositions beforehand, which is not how I usually work, but I think it’s an improvement to my process. I’m also cutting away the excess paper around the finished composition to emphasize the intricacy and delicacy of the cut paper work.



The finished piece is pictured in the photo above. I have three other smaller pieces completed for this series, and fourth getting started today. I’ll share more soon.

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