03 May

Wild Growth Paper-Cut Piece

This piece is somewhat of a reproduction of a paper cut design I made all the way back in August 2012. I think I did it as a practice piece at the time and then it went into a drawer because I wasn’t happy with it for some reason. I’ve been using it as a sample in my workshops, and recently took a good look at it for the first time in awhile and felt inspired by the design.



This version is about three times the size of the original, which I’d cut from a piece of 8.5″ x 11″ black card stock. I wanted it to be larger, and this ended up at approximately 11″ in diameter. The process of making it felt slower than normal, and think that is the nature of piecing together and creating a flowing design with multiple shapes.

I cut away the excess paper and left the work with a border that closely outlines the piece. I think doing this gives a better sense of the design and delicacy of the work.



I’ve titled this paper-cut piece, Wild Growth, because it brings to mind the wild tangle of grasses and plants one can find when a human isn’t trying to keep things orderly.

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