09 Feb

Work in Progress: Changing Patterns in Paper Cutting

My sketchbook explorations in January have led to the beginnings of a few new pieces of work. I want to find new shapes and patterns to cut that are variations on what I’ve been doing for years. The piece pictured here is the first of those. It’s still a work in progress because I’m sitting with it for awhile to give me time to work out how it should be finished and displayed.

I want these new pieces to have space to cast shadows and fill three dimensional space rather than flat under a mat. I did an experiment with another finished piece using pins to mount the work within a frame. I also want to break the work out of the remains of the border of uncut paper to further showcase the delicacy of the work, which is what I did with the aforementioned piece.



The actual size of the piece is 11″ x 11″, cut from a piece of 98lb Canson mi-tientes paper. It looks good in person, and will be even better once I figure out the finishing.

© Rachael Ashe