07 Dec

Making Marks with Thread

I’ve been working on another clothing embellishment project in my head over the last few weeks, and when I sat down to finally start it on Monday I realized the idea was not going to work well with the fabric. I wanted to do more sashiko style patterns but the type of fabric doesn’t take well to drawing out the design first. So I threw that idea out the window and started looking through the library books I happen to have on hand at the moment and found a beautiful idea to try. The book is called Mark Making by Helen Parrott and came recommended by my friend, Amanda Wood.

Mark making with thread

I brought out the sampler to practice the style of stitching, and get a feel for how to move around the surface and group the threads together. I did the blue ones first and then the red, and these second set were so much better than the first. It was exciting to see my improvement so quickly.

Mark making with thread

Now I’m on to starting the actual project, and can’t wait to get started in the studio today. I’m hoping to get it done it time for Christmas.

© Rachael Ashe