26 Aug

My Taiyaki Dreams Come True

The Richmond Night Market made me fall in love with fish shaped waffles (aka Taiyaki) filled with red bean paste, and for many years I’ve wanted a pan to make them at home. I had no clue where to buy one until my friend Barb acquired a pan a few years ago at Uwajimaya in Seattle. I’ve tried there myself on the last few visits to Seattle, but they’re always out of pans.

Thanks to a suggestion from a friend to try Amazon coinciding with a gift card from my sister as a birthday present, I finally have a taiyaki pan of my own. I kind of forgot Amazon has everything, no matter how obscure.


It arrived last week and I put it to use immediately. We live near a Japanese grocery, and I was delighted to discover you can buy ready-made packages of sweetened red bean paste there. I was happy to skip the process of making the paste because it involves a pressure cooker, and we don’t have one. We followed this recipe to make the taiyaki batter.

Fresh Taiyaki with red bean paste

These are the first few Boris and I created as a team. They made for an excellent end of day snack. I can’t wait to make more!

I love Taiyaki.

© Rachael Ashe