12 Aug

Making Polymer Clay Beads

I was recently inspired by people I follow on Instagram to try making polymer clay beads. I worked with the clay many years ago at a workshop taught by Laurie Mika at ArtFest, but the end project was to make a portable shadowbox shrine. I’d never considered making beads before, and now I want to make them all the time.

Polymer clay beads

Theses are two of the necklaces I have made to date after three sessions of bead making. I hosted an evening with friends earlier this week, and the necklace below was put together from beads I made that night. I love playing with the colours, patterns, and shapes to make these jumbled strands of beads. I am so pleased to wear my own work around my neck.

Polymer clay beads

I am inspired by these small making projects I’ve been working on over the summer. The necklaces along with my stitching project means I have lovely things to wear made by my own hand. That is the best part!

© Rachael Ashe