20 Jun

Wearable Paper Art in Blue

Last week felt productive in the studio when I finally finished two of the three wearable art pieces. I cut the remaining blue flower bits and figured out how to bring it all together into a necklace using wire, beads, and a pre-made metal neck-sized ring that I found at DeSerres. I could have done a victory lap around the block because it felt so good to reach the end of some of this work.

Assembling the blue bits

The end, except for the nagging thought I just can’t seem to shake, that this needs a few more strands to REALLY make it awesome. I’m holding off on that for now until after I finish the third wearable.

Assembling the blue bits

The triangle piece is also finished, and I’m having similar thoughts about it – that it could use a few more strands of hand cut pieces (which probably means an additional forty).

© Rachael Ashe