01 Jun

Poppies Take Over in the Garden


Last year in mid-summer I planted a packet of poppy seeds in our community garden plot, and then in the fall I scattered an expired packet of what was supposed to be wildflower seeds in another section. All these many months later and the poppies have taken over the garden. The wildflowers mix only resulted in poppies, but maybe because they were the only seeds still viable.

Poppies in my garden plot

The white with pink edge types are came from the seeds planted mid-summer, while every type and colour is coming up from the wildflower mix. Poppies are a favourite flower of mine, so I am constantly visiting the garden to see them. I am pleased to have poppies of my own after years of admiring them in other people’s gardens around the neighbourhood.

Poppies in my garden plot

Poppies in my garden plot

I am inspired and energized by my plant projects in the garden and at home. I never thought of myself as a plant person, but I sure am now.

© Rachael Ashe