11 May

Putting Sashiko Stitching To Work

At sewing bee yesterday evening I completed my first successful sashiko repair. I started it on Sunday evening and set it aside after getting frustrated. The hole is located on the inner thigh of my jeans, which made for an extremely awkward location to maneuver tiny stitches and a large needle. But I made it to the end, and now the jeans won’t end up with an even larger hole.



Towards the end of the workshop the other weekend, our teacher told us she keeps her sashiko supplies separate from her other sewing materials. I was inspired to finally invest in one of the metal pencil boxes made by Danica Studio, and sold at Welk’s (home of many irresistable products) as a container to hold mine. Look how cute it is! I want to stitch something all the time now.

© Rachael Ashe