06 May

Work In Progress: Wearable Paper Art

With the tyvek installation completed, last week I launched into prototyping ideas for some of the other work I need to create for the same show. I’ve agreed to make wearable pieces from paper for Hammer Cut Stitch Repeat in September. The show is organized by jewellery designers, Patsy Kay Kolesar and Simone Richmond, around the common theme of pattern and repetitive work.

The photos pictured here are from last week when I was exploring an idea around making an elaborate collar piece from strips of cut paper. It didn’t work out so well, so I played around with curling the paper and seeing what happens. I did not come up with an idea I am happy with so I’ve set this one aside for now.



I do like the organic forms I can create this way, and of course the shadows. I set this idea aside this week to forge ahead on something else that is actually going well so far. More on that in another blog post.

© Rachael Ashe