15 Feb

Spring Is In The Air

It’s been a long stretch of depressing days of non-stop rain for the last two weeks, coupled with a few nights in a row of terrible sleeps. I felt like I was barely functioning by the end of last week. But Friday afternoon the sun came out and the day transformed into a sunny summer’s day, one where I wished I was wearing sandals and short sleeves.


I came across these crocuses in the neighbourhood and was surprised to find a bee collecting pollen. All the early spring flowers are out including snowdrops, hellebore, and even cherry blossoms in a few places. I guess we all needed a break from the rain before it returned again the next day.


  1. Hi Rachael: I sympathize, because I’m not sleeping either, and between working in a school with virtually no windows and the amount of rain (rain! in February!) we’ve had since I got back from Vancouver, I’m not getting my vitamin D. That’s an amazing photo of crocuses. I envy you the blooms in Vancouver. Your succulents look lovely in their shadow box. Beautiful presentation, at which I’m not very successful much of the time.

  2. Thanks Anne. I’ve been working at the display and framing of the work. Instead of thinking about it after the work is done, I now plan the framing beforehand. It makes a huge difference when I already have a solution in mind.

    I feel so dull with all the rain. This weather doesn’t often bother me, but when it does, it can feel crushing.

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