17 Jun

My Æbleskiver Dreams Come True

My friend Chris and his wife Erin had us over for dinner a few months ago and made us a delicious meal of Æbleskiver. These are Danish (and also Dutch) pancake balls that can be filled with a variety of things from sweet to savory.

I liked them so much that I’ve been on the hunt for an Æbleskiver pan, which isn’t sold locally because it’s specialized, but I was determined to find secondhand. And I did, at the Salvation Army in Kitsilano. I think I stared at it open-mouthed for thirty seconds because I couldn’t believe I’d found one so quickly.


We tested it out for the first time over the weekend. Boris and I did the batter preparation and cooking as a team, because both are a multi-step process. We used this recipe and the results were excellent because of the whipped egg whites.



We did the entire batch with Cherry jam as the filling. Next time we’ll try other things like herbs, cheese, or fruit. Æbleskiver are traditionally served at Christmas, but I’m pretty sure these will make a regular appearance in our household from now on.

© Rachael Ashe