21 Apr

Concentric Circles with lines and more lines

I’ve played with the idea before of making a piece of work with both paper cut designs and drawing, but they were both smaller and simpler. Last week I sat down at my easel with the idea of creating something more complicated, and so I dove into making this new concentric circles piece.

WIP - paper cut and drawing on paper

I outlined the circles first and then worked on creating the alternating cut paper circles, leaving the drawing until last. As I worked on the drawing I really struggled with seeing the piece through to the end because it felt like it wasn’t working. While in process, I thought the drawings and cut designs were fighting against one another and the piece was far too busy overall.

paper cut and drawing on paper

paper cut and drawing on paper

I forced myself to keep going, and when I reached the end I could finally see that it all does work together. Now I view it as a powerful piece of work that is full of energy.

paper cut and drawing on paper

The full size of this paper cut & drawing is 14″ x 17″ on archival drawing paper.

© Rachael Ashe