23 Mar

A Return to Play in the Studio

This year I am determined to concentrate more on making the work I want to make and not just work towards fulfilling an obligation for a show. With this in mind last week when I was in the studio I decided to just play and see where it took me.

I started with a doodle using metallic gel pen on black paper, and made a few different clusters of patterns and lines around the same page. I wasn’t really satisfied with these so my next step was cutting the paper into circles and capturing the doodles I’d drawn so far within its own circle of black paper. I went on to fill each entire circle cut piece with its own distinct doodle, starting with the first three here.


I kept working on this over the next few days, and now I think I have about fifteen of these circles. I really like them.



I don’t know where I am going with this but that’s just fine. For awhile now I’ve need to play, and there’s no reason to stop just yet.

© Rachael Ashe