12 Mar

Work In Progress: Circling Back to Circles

Other than small things for the recent workshop and Creative Mornings, I haven’t made anything new in a couple of weeks. I decided to take a break while I wrapped up a few things for Purely Paper and the exhibition I’m having in Halifax next month. Now that everything is either in a show already or on its way to a gallery, I feel like I can start something new.

Whenever I take a break from making I feel this tension building up inside to get working on something. If I leave the feeling untended to for too long it makes me feel a bit crazy. I think only other artists and makers will understand that.

Work in progress paper cut

Work in progress paper cut

These are detail photos of the piece I started two days ago. I just want to cut paper and I don’t care right now about what I’m making or what will happen with it when I’m done. I’m tired of working towards shows, and am happy to just do some work, explore ideas, and play.

© Rachael Ashe