15 Oct

Paper Cut Work: Intertwine

As I was working on a price list and titles for work in my upcoming show at Kafka, I realized there are a few pieces I haven’t yet shared here. I document everything on Instagram, and sometimes work doesn’t make it beyond there.

There are three pieces I reworked a few weeks (or maybe even months) after I initially felt they were complete, and this is one of those three. I was inspired by an image of intertwined circles I came across on the sidewalk of my neighbourhood, but as a paper cut design it felt rather dull. I went back and added smaller rings within the two larger ones, and then it felt complete.

Intertwine - detail

Intertwine - detail

I was following my fascination with circles at the time, and I would really like to redo this same idea in a different way. I’m happy with this piece but there are things about it I want to do better.

Intertwine - detail


The finished paper cut design is created from 14″ x 17″ Canson drawing paper, backed with red water colour paper. It’s all framed and ready for it’s IRL debut at Kafka next week.

© Rachael Ashe