June 2014

26 Jun

Tiny Paper Cut Details

I’ve been working on a papercraft commission with ReThink Communications for the last week and a half. The finished pieces are intricate set pieces made from paper, and they look incredible. This work was shot by a photographer yesterday and will be part of an ad campaign coming out later this summer. I can’t yet […]

23 Jun

Join us for Art & Craft Social in June

The monthly Art & Craft Social at Hot Art Wet City is happening this Wednesday June 25th at 7:30pm. My co-host Kim Werker and I invite you to bring a small creative project to the gallery, make a donation, and hang out with us. It was oodles of fun when we kicked things off in […]

19 Jun

Work in Progress: Triangle Shaped Cut Paper

I was inspired by the concentric circles piece to explore other shapes within shapes. I really want to do squares within squares, but first I worked with a triangle. I decided from the start to focus on creating clean outer edges and corners because it makes the design stronger. I went with two triangles rather […]

16 Jun

Inspiring Art in Seattle and Bellevue

Boris and I did a quick trip to Seattle over the weekend. We went down to hear our friend Lee Lefever speak at the Seattle chapter of Creative Mornings, and to visit friends. We spent a bit of time on Friday wandering the streets and visiting a few galleries. I was so thrilled to see […]

12 Jun

Hot Talks @ Hot Art Wet City: Chris Tyrell Loranger

I am so pleased to have Chris Tyrell Loranger as the next speaker at Hot Talks. I consider him a mentor as well as a friend, and he’s been an incredible creative force in Vancouver arts and culture for almost forty years. So you want to be an artist, with dreams of playing in a […]

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