May 7th, 2014

The two small circle shaped paper cut pieces I shared last week led to work on a larger one. I need to create new work for an upcoming show in the fall, and I want these to be larger than previous pieces.

I’ve been working with tyvek a bit lately (on something I haven’t yet shared on the blog) and it felt weird to be cutting paper. The texture felt rougher after the smooth and easy cutting tyvek.


Work in progress paper cut

The full size of this work is 14″ x 17″ archival drawing paper. The paper cut design is about 11.5″ in diameter.


I like this same idea at the larger size because the shapes and lines have become even more intricate. I can’t wait to get working on another one but perhaps end in a different overall form.

These are photos I took as I worked on this and shared on Instagram. Follow along there for daily updates of what I’m working on.

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