May 2014

28 May

Scenes From the Inaugural Art & Craft Social at Hot Art Wet City

Last night I helped launch the first Art & Craft Social evening at Hot Art Wet City, with Kim Werker as my co-host. The event drew a crowd of close to thirty people, and the place was packed. It was amazing to see all sorts of projects on the go, from felting, to knitting, drawing, […]

27 May

Etsy Shop Update: Meditative Drawings

Just a quick note about new work in my Etsy Shop. I decided to list for sale some of the many meditative geometric drawings I’ve been doing in recent months. At the moment there are only three, but by tomorrow I will add four more. Each one is a unique abstract drawing using silver gel […]

26 May

Paper Cut Work: Concentric Circles

I’ve been working on this paper cut piece for the last week and just finished it today. I was inspired to make something with concentric circles after exploring ideas for a recent commission of a series of small pieces. This one is personal work for an upcoming show. I took a few photos as I […]

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