April 2014

30 Apr

Etsy Shop Update: Paper Cut Circles

I was recently feeling my output of completed artwork has slowed down, mostly because I am focused on larger projects that will take a long time to complete. So last week I decided to put the big projects aside and do a few small quick pieces. I wanted to take the idea I’d explored with […]

28 Apr

Published in Paper Play

I’m pretty thrilled to share that two of my paper cut vessels are amongst the amazing selection of work included in a new book of paper art. Paper Play is edited and published by Sandu Cultural Media. Normally I would recommend buying it from a small independent book store, but we’re running out of those […]

25 Apr

Art on the Streets of Toronto

Another highlight of my visit to Toronto was seeing how dramatically the street art scene has grown. There was interesting graffiti to be seen everywhere, and I got in the habit of peering down every alley I passed while walking around. Chances were good I would see something I liked. There are large concentrations of […]

22 Apr

Speaking and Sharing at Sparkfly Vancouver

On Thursday May 8th, I will be speaking at the next edition of Sparkfly along with Vivienne McMaster, and Denna Erickson. Sparkfly is a series of evenings featuring diverse women in Vancouver sharing their creative journeys. It is a place where women can share, inspire and create. It is a small and intimate gathering creating […]

21 Apr

Cross-Stitch Installation at Patria Restaurant in Toronto

On the weekend I caught up on uploading to Flickr the rest of my photos from my trip to Toronto in March, most of which is graffiti. Reviewing the photos reminded me of our brunch at Patria Restaurant on King Street with friends of Boris on our last weekend in town. I chose the restaurant […]

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