20 Feb

Work in Progress: Flight Pattern / Taking Flight

For the last few weeks I’ve been trying to fast track the production of a paper installation made up of a ridiculous amount of individual pieces of paper. I’ve been using the digital cutter to do most of the cutting for me, but it hasn’t been a smooth process because the machine has a tendency towards paper butchery at random intervals. It’s a moody little beast, but to be fair, I have asked it to cut a couple hundred (or so) pieces of paper over the last few weeks.


My final count, for now, is about six hundred paper wings in white, silver, beige, and black paper. It should work out to about sixty clusters of these wings, which will hopefully fill up the space nicely where these will hang. There is a lot of guess work going on here because I’ve only seen photos and videos of the space these are destined for.


Yesterday I took one of the black wings and used it as a surface to doodle a meditative drawing. I love the way this looks and it made me wish I could so this with all them. But I’m not that crazy…


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