January 27th, 2014

A friend suggested making paper cut hearts using black paper instead of red, and it led the designs in a completely different direction than the previous ones. I used triangles as the repeating shape within the form of a heart.

The first version has randomly cut triangles. I cut these freehand without a ruler or drawing anything other than the outline of the heart and lines to centre things on the page.

Abstract paper cut heart-7

Abstract paper cut heart-6
Cut paper heart made of triangles on Etsy »

With the second design I decided to go with a more structured pattern of triangles working from a centre point within the heart. I drew lines radiating from the centre point and used a ruler to guide me as I cut. The end result makes the heart seem shattered. Take from that what you will…

Abstract paper cut heart-5

Abstract paper cut heart

Abstract cut paper heart on Etsy »

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